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MEET THE ROBINSONS Frog Singing Policy Trailer
I wrote the lyrics to this parody of "Heard it Through the Grapevine." This policy trailer won The Golden Trailer Award for 2007. See the Video

Sleeping In
Set in New York City, this is a pilot about what happens when a homeless man inherits an apartment building.

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Film Reviews and other stuff

If Not Now
Charlie is 35, obsessed with movies, and is content to work at Blockbuster. But when a friend - sick of Charlie wasting his life - gets him an interview for what would be a dream job, Charlie's life is thrown into turmoil at the prospect of actually having to "do" something.Off-beat and personal, it's the best thing I've ever written so if you don't like it, don't tell me.

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The famous "And Then There Was Shawn" episode - Boy Meets World
I was a writer/producer on all 156 episodes of this beloved TV show which ran for seven years. I wrote this parody of SCREAM, which actually scared some people - even my own kids.

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